Strategy and goals#

This section describes the overall strategy of the MEP process and why it exists, with the goal of helping us make decisions about how to update the process in the future as we learn.

Goals of the MEP process#

Below are a few goals that guided the MEP process as it currently exists.

  • Formal without being oppressive. Provide slightly more structure than our organizational policy, to account for the fact that MEPs have many more stakeholders and decision-makers. However keep it as simple as possible to avoid overly-complex discussion that leads to frustrating and inefficient decision-making.

  • Make the process inclusive. Ensure a process for discussion and deciding that is inclusive and that encourages productive discussion from many parts of the project.

  • Make the process efficient. Ensure that there is enough information, and with the right structure, to have focused asynchronous discussion that leads to a decision-making cadence that is sustainable for the project.

  • Design for many stakeholders. Ensure that the specification evolves in a way that benefits our major stakeholders, and that is not unintentionally over-fit to the perspective of only a subet of the Executable Books community.